Dan, please don’t turn out to be your father.

Uh oh

i am just VERY overwhelmed with responsibilities and it’s making me rapid cycle and i do not like at all. oi mum, come back, we miss ya.

it’s been two and a half weeks and this lump has not gotten smaller. i should probs go to my doctor but also, scared and self-sebotage. and i’m too too too happy with my life to have to deal with that scariness. 


"It is dreadful how I miss you, and everything that everybody says seems flat and stupid."

Vita Sackville-West, from a letter to Virginia Woolf dated January 29, 1927 (via larmoyante)

fucking transphobe shamouta. 

cue insanity. 

festivus epiphany:

she doesn’t care. she doesn’t like me. she let me go before she even broke it off. she doesn’t mind i’m no longer in her life. she is non-accepting  of me being trans* and finds me ‘weird’ and i will never forgive her or forget it no matter how hard i try. she does not find me attractive. she mindfucked me. she was going to use my brother’s sperm to start a family with me to only not even see me in the picture. she doesn’t think much of me as a person. she is acting like none of this (us) never mattered or was even a thing. she broke my heart and moved on. 
so yes, i will always ache and i will always be broken by her and she hurt me in every single way. she will always be that person. she will always be the love of my life BUT she doesn’t care and has made that abundantly clear. 

she isn’t coming back. she isn’t coming back. she isn’t coming back. she isn’t coming back. she isn’t coming back. she isn’t coming back. she isn’t coming back. she isn’t coming back. she doesn’t like you. she isn’t coming back. she doesn’t care. she isn’t coming back. fuck dan, get it through your thick fucking skull, she is not coming back. if she loved you/cared about you she would let you know, she would show you, right? but that won’t make me stop loving her. fuckkkk.